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Note: Dogs that say *Currently being fostered* may not be out in the lounge during regular hours. If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, please email adoptions@thedogcafela.com to set up a time to meet them!

Hi, I'm Freckles!  If you have been looking for someone that will clean up the crumbs you leave on the table, instantly warm up your feet when they're cold, provide you with organic all-natural facials, well... That person doesn't exist, but that dog does! Meet Freckles. This sensitive, laid back girl is everything you've ever been looking for. She's sweet, she's super quiet, she will Netflix and chill with you all weekend, she'll give you your space, but also invade it when she senses you may need a bit of extra loving. She is absolutely the perfect apartment dog. And did we mention, she is insanely cute? Her body is covered sporadically in freckles from head to toe, which gives her such a one of a kind look! If you have been searching for your best friend, significant other, committed partner, look no further - Freckles is here!


Meet Sooki!  (Pronounced Sue - Key) This girl is the definition of a strong, independent woman.  She likes doing things on her own, she knows what she likes, what she wants & she doesn't let anyone stand in between her and her goal.  She's also incredibly smart!  She learned how to sit after just one try :)  Soooki was brought in as an owner surrender when they could no longer take care of her due to some personal matter.  We hope Sooki can find her forever home very soon!   Come meet her and the rest of the gang at The Dog Cafe!


Meet Bones! If you've been to the cafe in the past few weeks, you've most likely already seen Bones. He was probably following one of our Lounge Attendants around. He's extremely shy, but has endless amounts of love to give to that special person that will be his forever protector. He's so sweet and is just looking for someone to be patient with him, once he trusts you will treat him with kindness and love he will follow you around like a shadow! Careful where you step, Bones might just be at your feet. Come meet Bones and the rest of our rescue dogs at The Dog Cafe!


Meet Piper!  This adorable 5 year old Schnauzer mix is sooooo friendly!  If you've been to the cafe recently, she and her buddy Sancho are probably the first to greet you!  Poor Piper (and her friend Sancho) were confiscated from their home when their owner became hospitalized.  Unfortunately, their previous owner had to sign ownership over to the shelter because they could no longer care for them.  It's obvious Piper misses her previous owner as she suffers from a bit of separation anxiety that we are helping her work through.  But what she really wants is a stable home she can call her own!  All she wants is to settle down and be loved for the rest of her life, ideally with her buddy Sancho unless they both find really really great homes individually!  She loves relaxing, but also enjoys nice strolls.  She will need to find an owner that is willing to work on the separation anxiety with her, (and we're happy to help provide you with as much guidance as needed).  Come meet this beautiful girl, her BFF Sancho, and the rest of the gang at The Dog Cafe! 


Meet Sancho!  This 2 year old Chihuahua boy was brought into the shelter together with his BFF (Piper) after his owner had to relinquish ownership of both dogs.  It was a tragic experience for them both, and they both seem to be coping in different ways.  Piper suffers from separation anxiety from people and Sancho has separation anxiety from Piper.  We are working with them both to hopefully alleviate them of those feelings with love and compassion--and hopefully a new home very soon!  Sancho is such a funny little Chihuahua.  He is so petite, but boy does he have pep in his step (we don't think he actually knows how big he is :)  He walks around the room commanding all the attention and once you give it to him, he will happily take all the pets you have to offer.  This sweet boy would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to find a home with Piper.  But might be willing to find a home on his own too (so long as they're the best people ever).  Come meet Sancho, Piper, and the rest of the gang at The Dog Cafe!


Hello, I'm Archibald aka Archie! Archie is a 1 year old min pin mix.  He was so scared at the shelter he would constantly run to the back and dart forwards. It was obvious, though, that he was highly curious and wanted affection. We could immediately tell that Archie was just fearful and not aggressive despite seeming so.  Archie is such a sweet dog, and has really come out of his shell since then. His playful energy will be sure to make you smile :)


Meet Cha-Cha! This little dancer knows all the cool dance moves. She will surely cha-cha-cha her way into your heart!  This baby girl is absolutely adorable. She is so incredibly sweet and friendly, it's hard to believe she was actually a stray. We're not sure if she ran away or if someone abandoned her, but she is looking for a new dance partner in life. Want someone super cute in your life? Come meet one year old Cha-Cha and find yourself your new dance partner!


Meet Itsy! This itty bitty chihuahua is king of the Itty Bitty Chihuahua Committee. He controls all the little Chi's *cough* minions. But don't let his voice scare you, he is as sweet as can be! Poor Itsy was confiscated from a hoarding situation with a lot of other really tiny chihuahuas. Despite his history, he is absolutely loving and sweet to everyone he meets. All Itsy really wants is someone to carry him around, love him, and shower him with as many hotdogs as possible. Come meet Itsy and the rest of the gang at The Dog Cafe!


Meet Buffy!  This is our resident teddy bear :)  She's as sweet as honey and as fluffy as they come!  Buffy ended up at the shelter as a stray but you could never tell from her demeanor.  She has always been incredibly loving.  Buffy does suffer from some separation anxiety so would need help in working through that.  But otherwise, she's looking for someone to add her to their teddy bear collection! Come meet Buffy and our many other adoptable pups at The Dog Cafe!


Meet Usain Bolt!  Bolt is certainly the most shy of the three dogs from the hoarding case.  He thankfully came into our care with Conor & David from the same hoarding situation, and is taking cues from them to help him open up more and more.  Fortunately,  rescue groups offered help to some of the 40 dogs that needed re-homing, but ultimately only rescued the puppies; leaving most to the shelter.  We were able to take these three guys into our care and are working with them every day, seeing them come out of their shell little by little.  These guys do not know how to walk on a leash and will need people that are patient and willing to work with them so that they can learn to trust.  They have had no exposure to the outside world and are slowly beginning to learn and understand more about it.  Come and learn more about our rehab program!


Meet Tuscon!  Whether it be ear scratches or treats, ladies and gentlemen, this guy knows exactly what he wants and exactly how to get it! This handsome 6 year old chihuahua / terrier mix knows how to throw down some really cool dance moves and he loves to put on a show.  And with age comes wisdom and self awareness (for some at least)-- and Tuscon knows exactly that!  He knows what he likes and what he doesn't like...and makes sure everyone knows it too!  He is as sweet as can be, but would prefer lower energy, calmer dogs around him as opposed to rambunctious ones.  But who can blame him? All any of us want is to enjoy some nice treats, get some back scratches & lay on someone's lap, right? :)


Meet Vivian!  Vivian was brought to the shelter after being caught with a catch-pole.  She exhibited "aggressive" & feral behavior, making it impossible to be adopted directly to the public without someone to intervene & rehabilitate her.  When we first met her, she shook uncontrollably.  It was obvious that she did not know how to interact with people, yet you could feel a sense of curiosity through her fear.  Most likely, she was a backyard dog from a small hoarding situation, rarely experiencing human contact & no "real world" exposure.  She was not only unaccustomed to walking on a leash, but also to human touch.  This feral, wild animal has since made huge strides recuperating from her time of neglect through several months of thoughtful, constructive rehabilitation.  She loves hikes and is getting better and better on the leash every day.  If you would like to meet Vivian, send us a message at the link below! 

Contact:   https://www.thedogcafela.com/contact

Or, apply to adopt here:  https://www.thedogcafela.com/adopt-foster


Hi, my name is Java. I am a 1 year young, terrier mix, gentleman. 

*Currently being fostered*