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Note: Dogs that say *Currently being fostered* may not be out in the lounge during regular hours. If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, please email adoptions@thedogcafela.com to set up a time to meet them!

If you've been following us on our stories, there's no way you would have missed this little... We mean GIANT Meatball! This guy is big, yes, but he's pretty much a big drooling baby dog looking for someone to cuddle with. Meatball was originally dropped off in the Night Dropbox (a box where people can drop off dogs overnight at the shelter). Another similar looking dog was left there that same night. We think they may have been from the same home. Fortunately the other big guy got adopted, but now we need to find a home for Meatball! If you've always wanted a furry mini hippo, then this is your chance!!! Come meet Meatball and the rest of the puppy clan at The Dog Cafe!


Look at that MUG! Only a face a parent could love! We're just kidding, he's obviously super adorable. Meet Muggsey, the funniest, cutest Frenchie to ever come in to The Dog Cafe! Muggsey was originally brought into the shelter as a stray, but when the staff realized he had a microchip they reached out to his owners who just never came in to claim him! And with this cute face, we can't understand why!! He does have a few health issues (which just come with the breed) that were never taken care of due to neglect, like an old ear infection that caused his one ear to flop down. He also has a few growths in his groin area that need to be removed as well. This guy is a bit of a hot mess, but we're trying to make him feel better. Come meet Muggsey and the rest of the gang at The Dog Cafe!


Hello, I'm Archibald aka Archie! Archie is a 1 year old min pin mix.  He was so scared at the shelter he would constantly run to the back and dart forwards. It was obvious, though, that he was highly curious and wanted affection. We could immediately tell that Archie was just fearful and not aggressive despite seeming so.  Archie is such a sweet dog, and has really come out of his shell since then. His playful energy will be sure to make you smile :)


Meet Tuscon!  Whether it be ear scratches or treats, ladies and gentlemen, this guy knows exactly what he wants and exactly how to get it! This handsome 6 year old chihuahua / terrier mix knows how to throw down some really cool dance moves and he loves to put on a show.  And with age comes wisdom and self awareness (for some at least)-- and Tuscon knows exactly that!  He knows what he likes and what he doesn't like...and makes sure everyone knows it too!  He is as sweet as can be, but would prefer lower energy, calmer dogs around him as opposed to rambunctious ones.  But who can blame him? All any of us want is to enjoy some nice treats, get some back scratches & lay on someone's lap, right? :)


Meet Roomba! Have you been looking for the perfect vacuum system? This 10 year old Roomba may be just what you're looking for! Yes, he's a bit older, but that doesn't mean he isn't great at cleaning up your crumbs. He has 10 years of experience behind him that has really strengthened his skills! This Roomba also doesn't require any electricity, just snuggles :) Roomba absolutely loves to sit on laps. If you've been looking for a snuggly, treat-loving cutie, Roomba is definitely your dude! Come meet Roomba and the rest of the gang at The Dog Cafe!


That's right, the rumors are true! Popeye has been hanging out at The Dog Cafe! This one eyed fellow was born with a congenital defect that kept his eye from properly forming. But he still has quite a few superpowers. He's super friendly, super affectionate, super cute, and has super vision (sort of)... despite being nearly completely blind, this guy can navigate the room with so much finesse. In fact, he will police the rowdy pups keeping the lounge in order. He may not have the best vision physically, but this special guy can see with his soul. If you've been looking for your best friend that will love you unconditionally and give you tons of cuddles, Popeye is your guy! Come meet Popeye and the rest of the gang at the cafe this week!


Meet Usain Bolt!  Bolt is certainly the most shy of the dogs from the hoarding case.  Fortunately,  rescue groups offered help to some of the 40 dogs that needed re-homing, but ultimately only rescued the puppies; leaving most to the shelter.  We were able to take Bolt into our care and are working with him every day, seeing him come out of his shell little by little.  He does not know how to walk on a leash and will need people that are patient and willing to work with him so that they can learn to trust.  Bolt has had no exposure to the outside world but he is slowly beginning to learn and understand more about it.  Come and learn more about our rehab program!


Oh Alfalfa - he's a little kangaroo and will run and bounce off everything. He loves all the dogs and will give kisses. He tries to play hard to get (hard to catch :) but once you pick him up to cuddle, he melts in your arms and covers your face with kisses. Want to earn your way into his heart? The secret is treats! Come meet our mini Mob Boss, gremlin soundin' Alfalfa and make him a part of your forever family! 

Make a reservation to meet Alfalfa & our pups here: 



Meet Nimbus! This fluffy cloud runs on four legs and loves to cause havoc! He will run through a group of puppies and take out everything in his way! He's very young and needs to find someone willing to work with his puppy energy. A Nimbus cloud may be gloomy, but that's far from how this puppy is! He loves cuddles and giving kisses. If you're looking for a cutie to fill your life with fluffy happiness, come meet Nimbus at The Dog Cafe today!


Hi, my name is Java. I am a 1 year young, terrier mix, gentleman. 

*Currently being fostered*